Published: Cover story in AAA New England Magazine

I had the pleasure of working with AAA New England magazine to create images to accompany their March cover story on logging history in Maine. Back in August, I was asked to visit the Maine Forest and Logging Museum on one of their Living History Days to create images to accompany the story, written by a former colleague at the Bangor Daily News.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Maine (which is affiliated with Leonard’s Mills) and have worked in publishing as well as at the Bangor Daily News in its special sections department. So telling a story using images is nothing new. And I LOVE these kinds of editorial jobs.

Plus it’s always a little thrilling to see your work reproduced beautifully in glossy form.

A glimpse at the cover and its accompanying story follows.

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AAA Cover

AAA title page

AAA first spread

AAA spead 2