Early in the year, Finely Sorted owner Kim Corey approached me about working together on a project for a publication she was writing an article for. The premise was simple, I’d use her services to organize a problem area in my home (my paper). In return, I’d provide her with photographic services and photograph the before and after.

After waiting anxiously to see the article (it’s fabulous), it’s now in print! Check out the newest issue of Maine Seniors magazine (view it online here).

For those of you who are even thinking about either hiring (or coming up with ways NOT TO) an organizer, I’d TOTALLY recommend that you talk with Kim. I am embarrassed about the fact that my paperwork gets away from me. I get overwhelmed with the amount of it and put it in piles. Thus, twice a year, I end up doing a week-long organizing blitz.

2012 is the year I take back control of my home (and business) from clutter.

The space we worked in is my new office. Our home remodel is complete and thus I get my own space (YAY). And what better way than to make it an organized sanctuary.

Kim was amazing. She gently led me through the process of sorting and filing. We developed a system based on my needs and she gave me an action list of "to dos." At the end of it, I have a space that’s all mine, although sometimes shared with the husband (something about it having beautiful acoustics… a likely excuse from a professional musician!).

So check it out and show Kim some love too. She’s worth every penny!