My Journey

Today I started a journey that I believe was put in front of me by the Lord. I started reading a fellow photographer’s brand new book “Prosper”. This book, guided by a divine hand, has inspired me to look deeper within myself and to develop my faith further. (Want to know more about this book? Visit here:

When I was younger, as I was starting to get excited about the world of photography, I had a welcoming and supportive church family. They didn’t care about politics and what I could do for them. In my United Methodist Church, they wanted to do what could help me grow. I wish I could transplant them here in the Bangor area. I miss the family I grew up with.

That’s part of growing up.

Whenever I work with a client, especially a wedding client, I like to know what church (if there is one) that they’ll be getting married in. I feel blessed that even though I’m working, I can follow along in prayer and I truly believe that my faith has drawn me to weddings because of the closeness with God.

My relationship with Him, though, doesn’t require that I go to a building to believe. While I loved my church family, I love the fact that the institution doesn’t make the relationship. Daily thoughtfulness and faith does.

I was pushed to write this blog as part of my “Prosper” Journey. I was nervous about doing it because my relationship with Him is so personal. It cannot be shaken by those who feel that if you don’t go to church every Sunday, you’re not a “real” Christian; They’re entitled to that belief.

However, I believe that a spiritual relationship is more than just found in an institution. It’s about love. It’s about knowing there is support, even when it doesn’t seem like it.

But most of all, it’s about Beauty.

We are blessed in Maine to be surrounded by beauty. It’s found in the ocean. It’s found in the trees. It’s found in the beautiful colors year round.

And it’s in the people who make up this state.

I believe that there is something larger than myself. He is guiding me through my career and helping me push my photography business further. He has provided me with friends and colleagues who believe. He has provided me with a talent and an intelligence that makes me grateful to be able to help bring beauty home to my clients and their families.

He is going to help me “Prosper”.

And for that, I am grateful.