I’m going to start this post with a very personal story

On February 12, 2012, my grandfather, Glen Hatch, passed away after an illness. He was an amazing man and whom I adored. I regret not spending more time with him. However, the memories I carry with me will last forever.

And so will the photographs.

At my grandfather’s funeral service, my cousins compiled photographs gathered from all of the family and created a fitting memorial for my Grampie. The two posters brought comfort (and a few laughs) to an otherwise downhearted event. They also made a slideshow that played while folks mingled and waited for the service to begin.

You might ask why I didn’t do that. To be honest, it was too much for me. But my cousins, angels in disguise, helped the family rejoice in the life that has passed.

That struck a chord in me. As a professional photographer, I know how true it is that we should celebrate life while our loved ones are with us. Unfortunately, several of my brides and grooms have suffered the loss of a loved one shortly after their wedding.

PostersThat’s why it’s so important to update not only the regular photo album, but plan for generation photos as part of the family formal portraits after the ceremony. That means working with your photographer to accommodate elderly relatives needs. If it’s a hot day, or they need to get to the reception early, plan on doing a whole family photo with them first.

A good wedding photographer will discuss with you any special needs and work with you to develop the best timelines for photography. Don’t always assume that you’ll just “get the shot” at the reception. With the excitement and joy of receptions, it’s often hard to get the family shot. If you can plan on doing it before (or after) the ceremony, DO IT!

For any elderly family (or pet), a good photograph will live on after the living have departed. How often have you caught yourself saying “I wish” (like I did for my Grampie).

Make “I wish” into “I’m glad”.

I’m here to help. In April, I’ll be unveiling a new line of products centered around honoring loved ones, present and past. Keep an eye out for how my design and photography skills can help you honor your loved ones.

For today, get out and tell your family (human and furry) how much you love them.