2013 Wedding Pricing Changes

Planning and dreaming about your 2013 Maine wedding? If you’re here, you’ve already seen what I can do. You’re already thinking about how your Big Day will be captured for generations to come.

And I’m planning and dreaming about the 2013 wedding season too.

I’m coming up on my eighth year in business and I’m reevaluating my business vision. That means my investment pricing has been completely revamped to provide the best wedding service possible.

So what’s new in 2013?

  • 1. No packages. Every wedding is different. Every couple has additional needs besides bare coverage. Because of that each wedding I get an inquiry for will be custom quoted.
  • 2. A press-printed album. Every wedding will include a press-printed album. Additional styles of albums will be available as well, such as flushmounts.
  • When I tied the knot in 2002 to my wonderful husband we hired a semi-pro who took competent photographs, but we chose not to have him make an album. Big mistake. We’ve been married for 10 years and have nothing except extremely heavy albums full of photographs, but nothing concise and easy to follow.
  • Your investment in a photographer must include their talent in making an album you can enjoy for years to come. And trust me, if you "think" you’ll make your own album down the lines, remember, it’s been a decade and I still need to make mine!
  • 3. Two photographers. My associate photographer, Jesse Schwarcz, is my right hand. When she’s unavailable, I have other professionals, like me, who can step in to help. The eye of a second photographer is one of the most important assets to fantastic wedding coverage. She captures things I can’t, and does it amazingly. That’s why a second photographer will now ALWAYS be part of my packages.
  • 4. Looking at needs after the wedding. I know how budgets can get eaten away by all the minutia that are associated with them. But there’s more than just wedding day coverage to consider. What will you do afterwards? How will they be displayed? What about holiday presents or thank you gifts? Again, your investment in wedding photography will transcend your generation and be something to look back at. Aside from rings, video, and printed items, your photographs will be the only piece of your wedding that will survive.
  • 5. Added value design. My background is not only in photography, but it’s in graphic design. That means I can help you design invitations and accompanying materials as well as your photography.

Bell Imaging & Design offers payment plans, accepts credit cards, and delights in making your investment pay off beautifully.

Getting married is an investment. Your photography should be too.

Because you’re worth it.